Thursday, September 4, 2014

Berry Delicious

      The everbearing red raspberries are in, and they are delicious.  Scrumptious. Wonderful red raspberries that go well with bananas.  With watermelon.  With cereal.  And really well with ice cream.  With just about any fruit, or just a big handful eaten while cruising the bushes.  Be prepared for seeds in your teeth.  Well worth the taste sensation.

      Ah, there they are.  Some years we have to cover them to keep off the catbirds and robins.  So far this year they are uncovered and we are getting a great harvest.  They have just really come in at the first of September, and will continue to bear a little until frost.  Until then, great eating.

      The plants tend to multiply by runner, so I have loads available for you to start your own patch.  If you live nearby, give me a shout.  If you are further away, maybe I can start a mail order business.  A great way to extend your fruit season.  My patch has been going for twenty plus years.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful berries. Another fruit - in the mile long list - that I must get into my garden sooner rather than later.