Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Early June Flowers

      The back yard garden is in full splendor this morning, bigger than it should be from give-away flowers never taken.  For future reference, the bearded iris at the right side are a solid sky blue.  The two day lily clumps in front that could stand even more dividing are solid yellow.

      Here are shasta daisies that grew in profusion from last year from seed heads that were left too long on the major path.  Now it is a major grouping of daisies. The Joe Pye weed is choking out the magenta clematis.  Dig and divide is needed.

      This light purple clematis keeps getting bigger and bigger.  It has made lots of rooted babies that are now available.  Any takers?

      The previously mentioned monster daisy patch.  Available for digging or flower cutting soon for seed heads.  Time now to head back out for gardening.


  1. Stunning! Wish I lived closer to share flowers!

  2. My goodness, your gardens look so lush and beautiful. I love the abundance of flowers - just lovely!