Friday, November 8, 2013

Last of the Podded Peas?

      We have already had three frosts, with tender things like beans and squash turning to mush.  I was surprised to see both snow peas and podded peas suffering from the frost.  Thought they were okay with the cold.  Maybe as seeds and small plants.  Although some of the plants have died and been pulled, I did save the fuller pods to see if the peas were still edible.  See for yourself:

Shelled Peas,  November 8th,  2013

      Preparation instructions: Shell peas, admire their beauty.  Open mouth, insert some raw peas.  Simply scrumptious.  Or sprinkle raw on a salad or raw on a stir fry.

      These two peas and a few others were trying to get the jump on next year's garden.  Alas, the winter would get them.  I am going to pot up these and similar peas on the porch.  Not to try to save for next year, but to eat the tender young pea shoots and sprouts on a salad.

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  1. Well they look fabulous to me. I've never grown peas so I'm hoping to have a dabble next year - hope they look as good as yours :)