Saturday, August 31, 2013

Morning Visitors

      I had heard that hummingbirds like wild salvia, and I have both hummers and salvia in the garden.  Just had not seen the hummers feeding till this morning.

Salvia coccinea
      There is a good shot of the rampant volunteer salvia this year.  There is a hummer at the top border of the salvia.  I did not expect to get him on film,  And yet,

      There he is at the top, proof positive that they do like the salvia.  It is good to have plants in the garden that they like, as it is a battle to keep the feeders always full.
      And another visitor this morning was this pretty butterfly,

       Any help in identifying this butterfly would be appreciated.  It does not have the little swallow tails on the bottom of its wings.  The white spots at the wing tips would probably be a distinguishing mark.


  1. Thank you Jessica. The colors and the butterflies make it a pleasure to be working in the veggie garden.