Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Frightening Food Article

      Most vegetable gardeners grow their own food with the assumption that their produce is far superior to the food one can buy at the big grocery stores.  And the food probably is superior due to its freshness and hopeful lack of pesticides and chemicals.  But what if the seed we sow does not produce the vitamin packed veggies that we expected to raise?  This article really shakes my faith in the food system and seed system currently in place:

      I may have to design my garden more around the seeds that I use.  Looks like all of the heirlooms I have been growing are probably superior, if only because they have had less human tinkering.  And arugula, you just had to think that something with its strong earthy flavor had to be good for you.

       I gave all of my purple potatoes to my daughter, now I will have to beg for some seed potatoes after harvest.  The Indian corn sounds like fun.  I bet the raccoons would pass by the Indian corn for sweet corn grown in nearby community plots.  Sounds like a future plan.

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  1. Exactly why I pick wild ramps, fiddleheads and grow heirloom varieties.