Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Tale of Two Susans

      A few years ago, I noticed a black eyed susan in our yard that bloomed maybe a month later than the other black eyed susans.  It came back the next year and the next.  I took to calling the different flowers the "late" black eyed susan. 

Brown Eyed Susan, September 18,  2012
      A search of the internet provided a name for the "late" susan.  It is actually called brown eyed susan!   The flowers are smaller than black eyes, and three to four weeks later.  The leaves are more rounded than black eyes.  Both are very hardy perennials, self seed in different areas of the yard, and are loved by the gold finches for the seed.

Another clump of Brown Eyed Susan, September 18,  2012
Spent Black Eyed Susan, September 18,  2012

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