Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Week Away From Gardening

      We just had our week at the beach in Lewes, Delaware.  A total of eleven of us.  In one house.  And then a total of fourteen when my brother and his wife visited with their grand daughter.  So my early morning walks at sunrise were a pleasant way to unwind.

      It was nice to be away.  A great family tradition.  But it is nice to be home as well.  With my gardens.  Which did fine without me.  Now there is a lot to do to catch up.


  1. Great sunset. I love the photos. They are so soothing.

    1. Hi 4 Bees, I am an early bird, waking too soon even on vacation. These are all sunrise shots. There are good sunsets too from the beach, strangely. But I never went out to the beach then. Too bad, too late.