Friday, June 17, 2011

Wascally Wabbit

Breakfast at Pop Pop's Place

      I have been quite remiss in updating the old blog.  Have been busy gardening, and should be busy chasing varmints.  This little bunny is quite fearless, and has a huge appetite for such a little critter.  My wife put in small zinnias that we had invested great time in raising from seed.  Little bunny took no time at all to decide that they tasted just fine.  That batch of zinnias is history.  We since have put plastic flower pots with the bottoms cut out around new plantings.  When the plants are bigger, they don't seem to have that "Eat Me" sign hung around their stems.

Rose Campion gives my ears a nice glow

I'll hide where he can't see me

Where did that zinnia go?

      Wascally wabbit.  I was close enough that I could have nailed him with my pitchfork instead of my camera.  But I'm sure he has lots of little baby brothers and sisters.  I long ago had to put fencing around the part of the garden for greens and beans.  Unfortunately, the deer found my garden last fall.  Now that is a different problem entirely.

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